Crypto Roulette

Mastering Crypto Roulette: Strategies for Success

Last updated: June 14, 2024


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It's the undisputed queen of casino games. Roulette has been around for centuries, bringing people together over its table; it is available everywhere in the world. Regardless of the version you find (French, European, American), the popular table game will be a favourite in every casino, brick-and-mortar or online.

In this digital age, crypto roulette offers a modern twist, allowing players to seamlessly transition from traditional to digital currency for their wagers. The game itself remains largely unchanged, with the same renowned providers offering their games in both FIAT currency and crypto casinos. Even the strategies used in crypto gambling mirror those employed in traditional casinos, ensuring a familiar and enjoyable experience for all.

The main difference lies with the conversion of crypto to dollars, which is the currency used for most conversions in crypto casinos. You can also relax, enjoy the game, and deploy the same strategies used on regular roulette tables.

Understanding Crypto Roulette

For those new to digital casinos and searching for crypto betting tips, it's important that they study tokenomics first. Tokenomics is the set of rules and theories behind the function of the crypto world. Digging into this part of knowledge will answer most of your questions about the operation of crypto casinos. What will impact the currency price you use when playing crypto roulette? With the right amount of studying, you will be ready to optimize your strategy quickly.

Basics of the Game

Getting your head around the basics of roulette is easy. The table layout has mostly stayed the same in the last 400 years. Thirty-six numbers and 0 are placed linearly on the green felt. A wheel with random number positions will spin, and the dealer will ensure the ball lands in one of the numbers. Several side bets are located next to the main betting table. These side bets are very popular with those who try to apply the best roulette strategy. Orphans, dozens, black or red are only a few of these.

The only distinctive difference between the tables around the world is the number of 0s on the table and the wheel. American roulette features 0 and 00, while French and European roulette only feature a single 0. The last two, however, have some more differences. Even odds bets pay half in case the dealer draws 0. There is also the En Prison rule. The French version of the game offers slightly better odds than the other two.

Introduction to Crypto Betting

If you wonder why so many people are obsessed with Crypto betting, there are many good reasons. Sportsbooks and casinos that process payments with digital currencies can offer anonymity and lower transaction fees. Also, if you are into trading, you achieve significant profits by managing the timing of your transactions. Your account balance will reflect the present value of your preferred cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is subject to significant fluctuations based on its price.

Popular Roulette Strategies

You might wonder what the best roulette strategy is, but it seems there is no distinct answer. Thousands of pages have been written, and tons of ink has been used in the effort of the so-called experts to provide a mathematical system that will guarantee profits. Things aren't very simple, and our job below is to provide some suggestions. You can then decide what the best crypto roulette strategy is.

Martingale Strategy

The most famous of them all. They are used primarily on even odds bets (e.g. Red or Black). It suggests that you double your bet every time it loses. While the mathematical logic exists, one can only predict the number of attempts after the ball lands in your preferred table area.

The Fibonacci System

Can a random number sequence predict the behavior on the crypto roulette table? Then, you can try the Fibonacci system. This strategy suggests that bets based on the famous mathematical number sequence can eventually lead to loss recovery and potential winnings. The question with Fibonacci—just like with all other crypto gambling strategies—is when you will win a round.

D’Alembert Strategy

Mathematicians' names have always been associated with the game of roulette. D'Alembert's name was associated with a strategy that encourages players to increase the bet by one unit when they lose and reduce it by one after a win. Its ultimate purpose? To achieve a long-term balance between wins and losses, eventually resulting in some small profits.

James Bond Strategy

This strategy originates from a famous James Bond novel (Casino Royale). It uses a complicated betting pattern covering most of the table, with different betting lines and wagering amounts. In its basic execution, the larger area the player covers can generate additional revenues. Like any other crypto roulette strategy, the randomness of the wheel results cannot guarantee long-term profits.

Tips for Effective Crypto Roulette Play

Playing crypto roulette isn't similar to regular online roulette. At least in gameplay, casino lovers must manage their money wisely and have an exit strategy (e.g. 2x or 3x their starting bankroll or loss of their starting balance +1 add-on). Of course, there is some extra spice in the world of crypto gambling. Players will need to pay close attention to the value of the currency they used for their deposit. Their account balance will keep fluctuating until they withdraw. So, don't get fooled by using FIAT currency in the player account. This is a point of reference against the value of digital coins.

Choosing the Right Roulette Variant

We still don't need to find out why the Americans added an extra 00 to their roulette. Players tend to avoid these tables wherever possible. If you are serious about your money, you will also avoid it. I prefer either the European or French roulette instead. However, when it comes to crypto roulette options, modern online casinos will offer hundreds of variations in this category. You need to check the rules and choose the one that offers the best odds.

Utilizing Bonuses and Promotions

If you observe the trends in crypto values, you know that some periods are better than others to deposit money into your crypto casino account. Search for available deposit bonuses and promotions that can increase your bankroll. If the timing is right, you can see your balance increase not only by bonus amount but also by the upside offered by the crypto price increase.

Rational Play

Roulette is a game of luck—and even worse, it's a game of luck based on random probabilities in each round. Like any other casino game, self-control is of the utmost importance. The odds will always be in favour of the house. Just read the rules carefully and apply some strategies that reduce the house edge. Apart from that, you've got to be rational and understand when it's time to leave the table.


There are several reasons why roulette has been so popular throughout the ages. The winning multipliers are higher than those in most table games; there are plenty of different available bets and the game's social element. However, bankroll management and a basic (or advanced) understanding of mathematics and statistics are essential tools, regardless of whether you play online or not.