7 biggest wins

The 7 biggest wins at a crypto casino

Last updated: June 13, 2024


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As online crypto casinos continue to see exponential growth, the wins that players are going to be able to enjoy are only going to keep getting bigger and bigger. Crypto casinos are able to offer a wider selection of games than traditional casinos and most also usually accept fiat currency in addition to various cryptocurrencies. This is one of many reasons for their growth and it shows no signs of stopping as more and more players learn about the benefits of crypto casinos. Here in this article, we'll look at some of the biggest ever online wins at a crypto casino that some lucky gamblers have been able to land.

A Tiny Wager with Big Odds - 1.93 BTC

One fortunate player hit a substantial jackpot of $75,000 while playing the popular slot game "Book of Aztec" from Amatic at Bitcoin.com Games. The big win came shortly after the player deposited some bitcoin into his casino wallet and began playing his favorite online slot game. The most noteworthy thing about this particular story is that the player had only placed a small bet of $31, equivalent to 0.008 BTC at the time, which triggered a 2,418x multiplier, resulting in the win of 1.93 BTC.

Big Luck Strikes in Lightning Roulette - 49,22 BTC

It's not often that being struck by lightning is seen as a positive or lucky thing, but for one Cloudbet player in November 2018, it proved to be exactly that. The player won an amazing 49.22 BTC from just a single spin on Cloudbet's Lightning Roulette game, thanks to a random bolt of lightning that struck the number and increased the player's payout by a multiplier of 500x. In a gaming session that lasted just over an hour, the player nearly doubled their winnings, walking away with an eventual total of 87 BTC and over $550,000 in profit. 

Luck at the Live Roulette - 53 BTC

This particular win came in a game of online live roulette, a game that mimicked a traditional casino with live dealer games, but switched out the fiat currency for crypto based payment methods. While luck plays a significant role in casino games, and especially in a game like roulette, a well thought-out and executed strategy can also increase one's chances of winning big. This was proven to be true by a shrewd online casino player on Cloudbet's Live Roulette, who amassed nearly 53 BTC, worth around $340,000, without the added help of any bonuses, multipliers or jackpots.

Beginner's Luck - 55 BTC

In 2013, a player called Nickelj had just signed up to an online casino that allowed players to use cryptocurrency and received his welcome bonus as part of the casino’s promotion. He headed over to a slot game by Betsoft called True Sheriff, a popular slot game that is themed around the Old West. Just as the bonus was nearing its end, Nickelj received a free spin round which extended his chances of landing a win. After the free spins, he decided to place the maximum bet and he was definitely happy with that decision. A few seconds later, he landed a huge jackpot of 55 Bitcoin. At Bitcoin's peak market value, that prize would have been worth an amazing $3.795 million.

A Big Win on a Slot Spin - 216 BTC

In 2017, another anonymous player hit a huge win in an online Bitcoin Casino game. This player was enjoying some free time on Play 'n Go's "Troll Hunters" slot, a game that is themed around ancient Norse mythology. With just one spin, this unknown player won a massive 216 BTC with a single bet of just 0.16 BTC. That's an incredible 1,350 times more than the original stake! Whichever way you cut it, that's a very good return.

Small Stakes, Huge Win - 259 BTC

In February 2017, a top Bitcoin casino player, only identified by the mysterious ID of #28ea0d38e1, placed a bet of just 0.1BTC on a Bitcoin Video Casino game, triggering a record-breaking jackpot that paid out 259.74 BTC. When Bitcoin prices reached their all-time peak later that same year, the jackpot was worth nearly $5 million. The best part of it is that the player took all the dough home without revealing his or her identity at all, becoming a secret millionaire in the blink of an eye!

A Monster Win - 354 BTC

This huge win came in a game that is very similar to the Poker Go craze that saw an enormous rise in popularity in the year 2017. Solomon Go is a monster game where players hunt monsters for a more video-game style online betting experience. One player in particular was on the hunt for a monster win - and they found it! This lucky player wagered a game of Solomon Go and ended up winning a whopping 354.24 BTC, which was worth a huge $1.35 million at the time it was won.

The Biggest Bitcoin Jackpot Win - 11,000 BTC

In September 2013, just before the Mt. Gox crash, a player known as 'Nakowa' spent an entire weekend gambling on a Cryptocurrency Dice game. After some time playing the game, Nakowa won what is believed to be the single biggest Bitcoin Jackpot win of all time. Nakowa hit a stunning 11,000 Bitcoin jackpot, which is worth approximately $102 million today. If Nakowa held on to those coins that were won, the jackpot would have gone up to a huge $759 million when Bitcoin reached its absolute peak in November 2021. But $102 million isn’t too bad a consolation prize!

So, there you have it. This is the definitive list of biggest cryptocurrency wins that are known from all over the world. You’ll notice that the list isn’t particularly long, and so who knows how many more lucky online gamers are going to be added to it in the coming years as crypto casino gaming continues its impressive trajectory. If you’re debating whether or not you should get involved in Bitcoin casino gaming, then this article is the perfect reason to do so. Who knows, maybe in a few years’ time you’ll find your own big win among an updated list of crypto jackpot winners. Good luck!