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The Real Deal: Live Dealer Games in CryptoCasino

Last updated: June 11, 2024


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While online casinos have come a long way to matching the thrill of a real life casino, there are still those who crave more of a “real feel”. That’s where live casino comes in, to bridge that gap between the online casino world and the real world. Live casino games offer players the chance to play all of their favourite traditional casino games from the comfort of their home, or on the go, with the added bonus of a real life dealer on the screen.

It’s as close as anyone can possibly come to being in a physical, real life casino without having to leave the house. You can load up on your computer, laptop or mobile device and play at any time with a real dealer for the ultimate online casino experience. Here, we’ll take an in-depth look at what makes live casino so special and unique in the online gambling sector, so read on to find out more.

How live casino works

The great thing about live casino is that it plays just the same as a regular online casino so whether you’re a novice or an experienced casino player, you can get the most authentic online experience there is. When you play at, you’ll have the best choice of live dealer games there is to play with crypto such as live roulette, live blackjack and live baccarat.

To play any of our live games, simply click on the live casino tab on the left hand side of the screen. You’ll then be presented with all our top live casino games to browse and choose from. To select the game you’d like to play, simply click on it and then click the ‘Play Now’ button. The game will launch and you can now play your favourite games with a real life dealer.

The rules of our live casino games are exactly the same as our regular casino games. The only difference is that the outcome of each game is not determined by a random number generator (RNG) machine. Instead, your games are determined by the natural odds that you would get if you were to visit a bricks and mortar casino. This is one of the main ways in which our live casino provides a much more authentic experience for players.

Playing live casino with crypto

When it comes to playing live dealer games, it’s currently most common to play them using fiat currencies. However, the development of cryptocurrencies has led to more players choosing to play games like live blackjack with crypto instead of the more traditional payment methods used at regular casinos. But what’s the difference in using crypto to play casino games compared to fiat currencies? Well, it actually provides lots of benefits that can enhance a player’s online experience.

Playing live casino games with cryptocurrencies allows players to enjoy the benefit of playing online anonymously. This is thanks to the blockchain technology used to process crypto transactions and means players do not need to provide personal details. So when you play with us at, you can be sure that you and your personal information are safe, as we won’t ask for it to create your account or to process your crypto transactions.

Another benefit is that playing with crypto offers faster transactions and lower fees. So when you play live roulette with crypto you can deposit and withdraw into your account instantly and, when you land a big win, you can keep more of your winnings due to the lower transaction fees. As cryptocurrency is decentralised, you can also be sure that your crypto is safe and truly yours.

So, not only do you get all of these great benefits of playing online live casino games with crypto, you also don’t sacrifice any of the things that are so great about live dealer games. Crypto live gaming really is the best of both worlds.

What to expect from crypto live casino

When you play crypto casino games online with us at, you can expect to find all of the most popular live dealer games that you’re used to seeing at regular online casinos. So whether you want to play live blackjack with crypto or live baccarat with crypto, you’ll be spoilt for choice here as we offer a range of game variations to suit everyone’s tastes. Don’t think that just because you’re using crypto to play our games that you’ll miss out on any bonus features, either. In fact, most crypto exclusive games offer better bonuses than regular online casino games!

You even get the exact same online social experience with our live games as at regular casinos. Load up any game from our live casino section and you’ll find all of the usual tools that you’d expect such as the live chat facility, which allows you to interact with not only the live dealer, but other players who are in the lobby in real time. Say thanks to the dealer for giving you a winning hand or congratulate a fellow gamer for landing a big win. One of the best things about crypto live casino gaming is that you really feel a part of a community of like minded people.

When playing particular games, such as live roulette with crypto, you may even have the option to tip the dealer should you wish to. This is not something that is expected of players at all but, just like in a real life casino, you may be feeling generous if you’ve struck lucky and want to show a little bit of gratitude to your dealer. So, what are you waiting for? Load up one of our fantastic live casino games now and get the ultimate online casino experience from the comfort of your own home.