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The Rise of Crypto Roulette: A New Era of Online Gambling

Last updated: June 11, 2024


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When it comes to online casino games, there is none that typify the real casino experience quote like online roulette. In the age of cryptocurrency gambling, bitcoin roulette has established itself as arguably the most popular game that players enjoy. Here, we’ll take a closer look at how crypto roulette has risen to prominence in the online casino world and how it has ushered in a new era of online gambling.

The birth of Bitcoin roulette

For those who are avid cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it’s likely that you will already know when the first crypto roulette game was introduced to the market. However, for those who are less familiar with the history of cryptocurrency, we’ll bring you up to speed. In 2012, Erik Voorhees created Satoshi Dice, the world’s first platform to accept any form of crypto, in this case Bitcoin, for the purposes of online gambling. But this betting platform didn’t take the form of an online casino as we understand it today, it was more of a singular online game that people could access and play anonymously using BTC.

It took a couple of years for online casinos to recognize that customers value the added levels of security and anonymity offered by crypto gambling and this is when they began accepting it as a viable method of payment. While we can’t put an exact date on it, 2015 is widely believed to be the year that online casinos began incorporating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into their existing platforms as an acceptable baking option. This, in turn, gave birth to Bitcoin roulette and other highly prominent, classic casino games that players had already fallen in love with and enjoyed playing online.

An ever-changing landscape

In terms of its technology, online crypto casino games such as ethereum roulette are still very much in their infancy. At first, crypto was adopted as an additional form of payment by already existing online casino operators but in the last five years, the number of crypto-exclusive casinos has grown exponentially. These newer casinos offer players the ability to play their favourite online games, such as live roulette, without the need to provide lots of personal and sensitive information to create an account. As with all new technology, it’s an ever-changing landscape and users need to keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to news and updates on the subject.

This particular landscape has led to the impressive growth of crypto casinos all over the world, that are designed specifically for an audience that prefers cryptocurrency as a method of payment. It has also led to a surge in some of the world’s top gaming software developers creating Bitcoin roulette and Ethereum roulette games specifically for these platforms. All of this creates a much more exclusive feel to online crypto gambling and is just one of the many reasons why it continues to grow in popularity in countries where online casino gaming is already prevalent

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The benefits of Bitcoin roulette

The increasing popularity of crypto casinos and games is no coincidence. It’s due to the many benefits that playing online casino games with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provides players, that traditional payment methods cannot offer their customers. These benefits include:

  • Decentralization - the decentralization of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies means that your funds are safe from regulatory and government bodies. Your crypto belongs to you.
  • Privacy - you can rest assured that when you gamble online with crypto, your information is private, because it’s simply not needed in order to process transactions.
  • Security - using crypto to gamble online also offers an enhanced level of security that fiat casinos simply cannot match. This is down to the sophisticated levels of encryption and the need for access keys to approve transactions.
  • Lower transaction fees - you’ll also find that, when you use cryptocurrency as your baking method to gamble online, your transaction fees are much lower than fiat payment methods. In some cases, there can be no fees at all!
  • Quicker withdrawals - not only are transactions cheaper with crypto, they’re also much faster. Experienced casino players will be familiar with traditional payment methods like credit and debit cards taking days for withdrawals to process. With cryptocurrency, withdrawals can be processed instantly, giving you access to your winnings without delay.

These are some of the main reasons that players continue to choose Bitcoin roulette, Ethereum roulette and other crypto casino games over more traditional online casinos that only offer fiat currency transactions.

What’s next for crypto roulette games?

The landscape of crypto casinos is ever-changing and there is some uncertainty around their future in certain countries, as regulatory and governing bodies attempt to centralize Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. That would no doubt result in a mass exodus of players, who mainly enjoy Bitcoin roulette and other crypto casino games thanks to the security and anonymity that they provide.

For the time being, however, no country has been successful in doing so and it’s expected that the impressive upward trajectory of the crypto casino sector is going to continue. For the future, this likely means players are going to be able to enjoy even more cryptocurrency-exclusive casino games, as the world’s top developers continue to innovate and diversify their offerings.

So, right now, the future is looking bright for cryptocurrency casinos new and old, as this ever-evolving technology continues to become the premier choice of payment method for casino players all over the world.